Original Music:

Willow & Hound, the duo of Tyler Johnson and Julia Cramer, currently live and play music in and around Sonoma County, CA. Willow & Hound combines aspects of folk, pop and soul in their original music which emphasizes powerful vocals, rich vocal harmony and intricate songwriting.

Cover Sets:

Willow & Hound have been providing delightful music to events around Sonoma County since 2016. With an acoustic guitar, rich vocals and harmony, their repertoire showcases pop and folk songs from the 60’s to now.

Full Bio:

Tyler and Julia met almost a decade ago in Santa Cruz, while studying music and sneaking answers off of one another’s tests. Immediately they began playing music together, ripping through the pages of Beatles, Joni Mitchell, Neil Young and Cat Stevens songbooks on a creaky, well loved and out of tune piano in their shared housing. Eventually the duo ditched the songbooks and began writing songs as a pair, graduated and moved immediately to Portland, Oregon, where they formed the band De La Warr with dear friends and played their fair share of venues and local festivals. The pair recorded their self-titled first full length album and occasionally braved I-5 on tours to Seattle and the Bay Area.

After several years and some pleading from family members, Tyler and Julia made the decision to return to California and set up camp in Oakland, where they continued their songwriting as a pair, began working in music education, and got hitched along the way. The couple recorded and released a more electronic EP titled ‘Howl’ as Attacrobat during their stay in Oakland, in collaboration with LA based composer and producer Parks Burton. Still feeling a sense of adventure, the couple again decided to blow things up and moved continents to Ireland in order to more seriously pursue music education. While studying for their Master’s Degrees in Ireland, Tyler and Julia were surprised to be pulled into the vibrant Irish music scene, and were invited to perform in well renowned venues like Whelan’s in Dublin, King John’s Castle and Dolan’s in Limerick (opening for the talented Hudson Taylor), and indie music festival Knockanstockan.

After an indescribable year of friendship, music and pints of Guinness, the pair returned to the States and have now set roots in Petaluma, California, where they continue to write, record and perform as Willow & Hound, an acoustic-electric duo that incorporates all the different phases and aspects of their musical journeys in a soulful, vocally rich tapestry. As Willow & Hound, the couple have been actively playing events such as Yountville Live, Bodega Bay Oyster Festival, Walk in the Wild at the Oakland Zoo and have enjoyed playing local venues such as The Arlene Francis, The Big Easy, Aqus Cafe and The Mystic Theater.


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